Magical School memories!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fifteen Credits.”

Childhood memories &school  days are generally one of the most memorable times in a person’s life & it was no different in my case. For some  reason the list of funny, amusing &charming incidents seems to far outweigh any serious or grave incidents that may have happened or is it just human tendency to shut out those incidents? School days are packed with memories of strong,sound friendships,  lot of which tend to stay with you for life.Memories of teachers ,each of whom were unique characters &various incidents related to them always bring a smile to my face.

All the memories related to the various activities I participated in ,the failures & the  triumphs, the school bunking etc are all cleared etched in the memory.Funnily enough many incidents that are more recent seem a bit hazy!

I haven’t visited my school for many years & long to go back & revisit & revive /refresh memories. It also feels great when you manage to relocate long lost school friends & sometimes even teacher’s thanks largely to Facebook & whatsapp !

One of my most satisfying get together was when one of my school buddies organised a get with some other school friends with whom I had lost touch after school .We got together after about 30 years & some of the faces were barely recognizable !The  initial awkwardnessential soon melted away as everyone started remembering various enecdotes & soon it felt as if a film related to our school days was being played in front of our eyes! It was sheer magic!


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