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Hi everyone! I have been itching to get into blogging for quite some time now & today I summoned enough courage to write my first blog. There was a topic on my mind for quite some time now- a topic that is dear to a lot of Indians- namely Religion. Don’t worry this is not about sermonising but rather on some humorous observations on it. So here goes.

Being religious is part & parcel of a typical Indian’s mental makeup. there is just no escaping that. However while on a regular basis “GOD” generally merits a few precious seconds of our precious  time( mind you I am not talking about retired people, because they have a lot more spare time & are afflicted with a lot more physical ailments. Hence GOD figures a lot more prominently in their daily routine!)

Generally we would just apologize to the Almighty , that he should understand how busy we are and don’t have much time to spare! Though we magically find time to spare before say a crucial meeting or interview or while waiting for a raise or promotion or before finalizing a deal or Prominent religious functions ! But when life is “hunky dory “our spare time is generally reserved for the “Idiot Box”, parties, discoes or movies !

However our religious sentiments really awaken with a jolt & we start remembering the “almighty “with full fervour when “the going gets tough” – when we are confronted with situations to which we have no answers. Situations which throw our lives out of gear. It’s then the true devotee in us awakens- you can almost see a halo around our head! In such situations even the most confident “go getters” suddenly change colour like a chameleon & turn pious & devote every bit of their time chanting mantras, performing pujas & visiting holy places ! Charity is given away regularly with the condition that the benefiter will pray for our well being ! We even complain to “HIM” , why he had to do this to us, his true devotees( amazingly enough most of us say this with utter conviction) !

If things are still not working out we even resort to bribing HIM by promising that we will give an “X” amount of money to a particular temple in return for solving our problems-believe it or not ! Poor God, he must be shuddering when we stoop to such levels ! Generally The Almighty is supposed to have pity on us, but in such situations I can’t help having pity on HIM ! HE must be banging his head on the wall when HE witnesses all this drama! Perhaps he solves our problems because he cannot bear this torture or perhaps HE dishes out these problems to us when he is bored & wants to see some melodramatic award winning performances to spice up HIS life? Who knows?

 So what happens when order is restored to our lives? Well most of us switch back to the earlier mode – running around like mad- planning, scheming, plotting & yes sometimes playing GOD ourselves. I guess we’ll never learn , will we ????



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